A Message from the Area Commanders

Thanks so much for visiting The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command website.

The Salvation Army is an international organization operating in 124 countries and 75 languages around the world.  It was founded in London in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth.  The Army has been in Central Oklahoma since 1891.

General Eva Burrows, former international leader of The Salvation Army, once visited Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

When she asked Mother Teresa how she coped with all the fame and adulation she received, the reply was stunning:  “It means nothing to me.  But there is one thing I have done that I believe is important.  I have helped people to talk to the poor and not just about  the poor.”

That’s it!  That is what The Salvation Army does.

Whether they are spiritually poor or socially poor, The Salvation Army recognizes these folks are fellow human beings – real people – for whom we have concern and responsibility.  We talk to them, determine their needs, and figure out how to best meet those needs.

As you click through our web site, remember the words Paul Harvey used to describe The Salvation Army:  “The Salvation Army is Christianity with its sleeves rolled up.”

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start the conversation!

May God bless you today,
Majors Carlyle & Charlotte Gargis

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