Men’s, Women’s & Family Shelter

The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter
1001 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK

Salvation Army Men’s Lodge

The Salvation Army Men’s Lodge is open to any man who needs a clean, warm, safe place to stay. The comforts of home are not always available to many people because of a crisis in their lives.

Shelter is one of the first things that is addressed when we assist the less fortunate members of our society.

The Army shelters are open 365 days per year. Each person is required to go through case management in Social Services to aid in making a plan of action to get back on their feet.

Giving a hand-up to these individuals helps to reintegrate them back into society as responsible citizens.

Family and Women’s Lodge

The Family and Women’s Lodge gives displaced families and battered women a place to call home during a crisis.

The Salvation Army Emergency Family and Women’s Shelter is a safe haven, allowing every woman and family an opportunity for safety. For thousands each year, The Salvation Army becomes a home away from home where they can feel secure, a place where they can be nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually.