Barbara Admire (left), D'Anna Pulliam and Rhoda Laubach at a Buck$ 4 Bikes fundraiser.

Barbara Admire (left), D’Anna Pulliam and Rhoda Laubach at a Buck$ 4 Bikes fundraiser.

A chance meeting between two volunteers at the Angel Tree Distribution Center lead to an amazing friendship and perfect partnership serving others in The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary. D’Anna Pulliam had been a member of the Women’s Auxiliary in another city and when she moved to Oklahoma City, she knew she wanted to continue to be a member. Working at the distribution center the next Christmas, she met a community volunteer who made the work even more fun–Barbara Admire. When Barbara retired the following year, she joined D’Anna in the Women’s Auxiliary and so began their beautiful partnership.

Barbara and I depend on each other to successfully complete our responsibilities to The Salvation Army and our community.  Barbara is currently the Chairman for Disaster and Helmets 4 Kids, and  I am the first one she calls when she needs a helping hand.  I am currently Chairman of Buck$ 4 Bikes and Barbara is the first one I call when I need help.

Through all of their experiences together throughout the years, they can both agree what one of the most memorable moments has been together.

D’Anna: My most memorable time as a volunteer with Barbara was our car trip to Dallas for The Salvation Army National Convention.  Barbara drove and we got lost on our way to the convention center as well as on our way out of Dallas on our way home!  There are not words to explain how this occurred!

 Barbara: Oh yes, we got lost and let’s just say none of the women that were in my van ever asked me to drive again.

Thank you D’Anna and Barbara for your years of service to Oklahomans in need and the contagious joy you bring together.