Annette BaseyAnnette Basey has experience it all through her years of service at The Salvation Army. Beginning her membership with the Women’s Auxiliary in 1997, her estimated 23,000 hours of service have provided her with many volunteer experiences. From putting together Christmas gifts for Angel Tree children to comforting individuals affected by the Moore tornados in 2013, Annette is passionate about the work she does.

It took only one visit to any of the facilities of the Army to observe all that TSA was doing, not only OKC, but all around the world! I had no idea of all the outreach programs that they were involved in. My vision of The Army was a couple standing next to the Red Kettle and ringing their bells, but that vision quickly changed whenever I volunteered at one of their outreach facilities. From helping people with their utility bills and providing a warm coat at Social Services to feeding several hundred hungry people lined up each day at the Red Shield Kitchen. When I shared what all the Army did with one of my friends, they brought their own son to the Adult Rehabilitation Center and he got help and it made me realize that ARC is not just for the “man on the street.” We all have needs and the Army serves “without discrimination.”

Throughout the countless individuals Annette has come into contact with in her years of service, she still remembers one young mother at Christmas who was overjoyed by the fact her son was getting a bicycle that year.

The tears of joy I saw in that mother’s eyes made my volunteering all worthwhile.

They say that where your heart is, there is your passion. Since I have a passion for the work of The Salvation Army, they will continue to have my heart. I love the statistic that says they have an extraordinary 82% flow-through of contributions which is applied to their charitable services. I feel like I’m doing something for the Kingdom and not just superficial activities that have no eternal value. I use the acronym WWJD in every activity that I consider and He always gives me the right choice!

Annette has shared her passion for The Salvation Army with friends and roughly 20 of those women have joined her in the Women’s Auxiliary. When asked how her perspective has changed from her volunteer service:

Volunteering with The Salvation Army has given me an even greater compassion for those around me who are in need. I love the scripture in Matthew 25:40 which says, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” I love working for Jesus!

Thank you Annette for your years of selfless service to Oklahomans in need! We are thankful for passionate volunteers like you.