Meet Delmone

Delmone - WebTwo of Delmone’s favorite things about The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club are that he gets to make new friends and play basketball. It doesn’t take long to see why with his outgoing personality and positive attitude.

Since he began attending the club last year, Delmone has been introduced to baseball and dodgeball by the University of Central Oklahoma Baseball team. After playing baseball with a real team, Delmone now wants to try out for his school team.

Being a team player won’t be hard for him since Delmone has learned about it from his favorite club staff member, Mr. Lou.

“Mr. Lou taught me how to do good stuff and how to help people when they need help. And sportsmanship,” Delmone eagerly shared.

But the interest to excel does not just apply to sports. Delmone works hard on his schoolwork and takes advantage of the tutoring the staff and volunteers provide.

“I get help with my reading – because I don’t like reading – and science. I like science but I’m just not very good at it.”

He also likes social studies, math, history and geography. And, when Delmone grows up, he wants to be a firefighter just like his great-great-grandpa.

You can’t help but smile when he tells why he thinks the staff at the club are so great.

“What I like about the staff is they help me with my stuff, tell me where I’m supposed to be, keep me safe and I have responsibilities here.”

Because of your support of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, kids like Delmone have a positive, safe place to go after school. If you would like to ensure more Great Futures are created at our club, get involved as a volunteer or donate now.