Betty Mullen_Website PhotoBetty moved into a facility that houses one of our senior centers 13 years ago and has been a part of The Salvation Army’s senior program ever since.

An admirer of The Salvation Army for many years, one of the services Betty is most thankful for is the daily meals provided at the center.

“I always thank the Lord, when I pray for [The Salvation Army] or for my meal, for the people that buy the food, the people that prepare the food, the people that deliver the food, and the people that serve the food. And, I thank the Lord for the coordinator that serves us here.”

Betty enjoys the activities at the center including all the entertainment, health instructors, and the educational speakers from the police and fire departments who help the seniors function in their everyday lives. One of her favorite activities to do at the center is play bingo. Unfortunately due to lack of funds for prizes, bingo is now only scheduled for one day a week which Betty was sad to hear.

But, you won’t hear Betty complain. Instead you’ll catch her leading the morning inspiration time, where the seniors come together every morning to share scripture and pray. “It’s a wonderful way to start your day,” Betty will tell you. Her infectiously kind spirit will uplift you even on your darkest of days.

Especially when she talks about the Angel Tree program.

“The Christmas gifts that we receive from Angel Tree are such a blessing. My family doesn’t exchange Christmas gifts because none of us can afford to put out extra money for things like that. So, the gifts I receive from Salvation Army are the only gifts I receive at Christmas. I appreciate that so much.”

Betty’s gifts last year included a sweater, bath towels, kitchen mitt and towel, and bed sheets. Thankful for all of it, Betty really treasures the new sweater she received.

“The new clothing I have is what I get at Christmas from Salvation Army. Otherwise, my clothes are hand-me-downs or from the thrift store so I really appreciate being able to have something new once in a while – which is maybe once a year.”

Because of your support of The Salvation Army, Betty’s story was made possible. If you would like to continue making a difference in the life of someone just like Betty, you can:

• Volunteer as an instructor at our senior centers teaching about any number of activity-based or educational classes.
• Provide prizes for bingo, board games and jigsaw puzzles for the seniors. Items can be dropped off at 1001 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.
• Click the Donate Now button above and financially support our senior programs.