Valentine’s Day saw a new take on love this year. Known for serving the lost, hungry, and hurting people throughout the year, The Salvation Army released its new national campaign, Love Beyond, created to encourage others to show love — beyond all else — without discrimination.

Released yesterday, Feb. 14, Love Beyond is an appeal and invitation to the community to join The Salvation Army in serving suffering humanity and to show those hurting a love beyond all else. The campaign, though released on a day known for love, will go beyond that to be used all year.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for The Salvation Army to release our Love Beyond campaign,” said Major Charles Powell of The Salvation Army of Central Oklahoma. “While individuals throughout the world are showing love to the significant people in their lives, we are reminding people to also love the unloved, the overlooked, the downtrodden. Love Beyond is a love that goes beyond life’s difficult circumstances. Beyond homelessness. Beyond hunger. Beyond losses.”

The Salvation Army, which provides year-round shelter, meals and clothing to people in need, is one of the first to respond to natural disasters. “We also are here to listen and give direction to those who see themselves as unlovable and without hope. All of our programs and services are driven by love – a love for others, and of course, a love for God,” Major Powell said. “Love Beyond is a wonderful reflection of who we are and what we do. And it’s a call out to others to join in.”

The Salvation Army serves 30 million Americans each year across more than 7,000 centers of operation, young or old, and at any stage in life. Today, many people face incredible financial struggles and uphill battles to escape poverty. The Army’s faith-based mission embraces that all people should be treated with dignity, and no one should be defined by their challenges or circumstances.

“Just one surprise expense like a car repair or medical bill can mean the difference between being able to pay rent and utilities or to buy groceries for a family living paycheck to paycheck,” said Major Powell. “The Salvation Army works to remove the constant burden of worry and stress through emergency financial assistance that helps keep people in their homes, provides meals and food boxes, and other programs to give the suffering a pathway of hope from crisis to long-term stability. Our love extends far beyond the moment of service to provide a new way forward.”

Only with the public’s support can The Salvation Army provide services every day of the year right here in Central Oklahoma. Like many other nonprofits, The Salvation Army is facing challenges to raise critical funds while requests for services continue to increase.

“We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support of the community, most recently seen at Christmas with our Red Kettle Campaign. All the money raised stays here in Central Oklahoma and supports local programs,” said Major Powell. “We’re encouraging everyone to Love Beyond and to seek out new ways to serve and help those in need. You can enlist in Love’s Army through a variety of means, whether it be volunteerism or financial support.”

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