Canadian County Corps

The Salvation Army Canadian County Service Center

The Salvation Army has been a vital part of Central Oklahoma’s history since The Oklahoma Land Run, held April 22, 1889, saw Oklahoma City and Guthrie rise up out of the plains with cities of around 10,000 people in literally half a day.

The city also had its first Salvation Army. On October 18,1900, with a $50 grant from the City of Oklahoma City, The Salvation Army put up its first permanent shelter, a large tent, to serve to the hungry and those in need of aid where the Chesapeake Arena now stands.

From Oklahoma City, The Salvation Army expanded, came to Canadian County in 1927 and has been a part of this community throughout the years. Now residing on S. Rock Island in El Reno, The Salvation Army Service Center is here to continue helping the community at their point of need.

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 The Salvation Army Canadian County · 1012 S. Rock Island, El Reno, OK 73036 · 405-295-2343